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It's only human to reproduce and fill the Earth as written in the holy scriptures, but we also ought to have sustainable usage of the naturally endowed environment. The Earth is more beautiful with the natural forests, lakes, rivers, wetlands, and so much more.  Population increases, but land size remains a constant and this in return affects the ecosystem. Increased growth in humans is characterised by increased consumption, demand for land for settlement and so results in overexploitation of natural resources like fish, forests, wetlands, minerals, water and use of intensive farming methods.

With common knowledge that humans coexist alongside other organisms, there’s rising competition and it's time to bend over backwards and ensure sustainable management and utilization of resources, through promoting agroforestry, afforestation, proper waste management as well as good farming practices. Otherwise, we risk destruction of natural habitats for other organisms, extinction of certain species, global warming, excessive use of inorganic fertilizers which reduce soil quality in the long run, etcetera. You and I, together can save the earth from the climate change through our actions.

As a leader through primary school to secondary school to Makerere University guild leadership (84th Guild) and currently representing as a woman councilor for Kajjansi to Kajjansi Town Council in Wakiso District- Uganda, I not only sensitize people about good practices like use of family planning, proper disposal of plastics, planting of fruit trees in our homes, but also participated in youth climate campaigns led by the Youth Go Green like protecting river rwizi in Mbarara district.  Let us have collective responsibility to conserve the environment for the better future. 

Maria Nakiganda

Woman Councilor Kajjansi, Uganda 

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